Webinar #6

Multipurpose Buffers for Poultry Farms and Production

This webinar broadcast has ended, however you can still access and view the webinar by going to this link:


~with Paul Patterson, professor of Poultry Science at Penn State University.

Dr. Paul Patterson is a Professor of Poultry Science at The Pennsylvania State University.  He spends 70 percent of his time concentrating on extension duties, particularly those dealing with laying hen management and nutrition.  The other 30 percent he devotes to research involving poultry nutrition, egg production, handling and storage, and poultry waste, nutrient management and recycling.

A native of Washington state and a graduate of Washington State University, Dr. Patterson went on to receive his Ph.D. degree in Poultry Science and Nutritional Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Dr. Patterson has been at Penn State University since 1992.

Click to learn more about Paul’s work and Vegetative Buffers on Poultry Farms.