Webinar #5

American Chestnut Restoration Opportunities in the Northeastern United States

This webinar broadcast has ended, however you can still access and view the webinar by going to this link:


Join us to learn about the American Chestnut and restoration opportunities in your region. The American Chestnut Foundation’s (TACF) own Sara Fitzsimmons will be speaking with us about American Chestnut restoration opportunities in the Northeastern US for our fifth webinar in the series. TACF is housed at Penn State University’s Forest Resources Lab. Their mission is to restore the American Chestnut tree to our eastern woodlands to benefit our environment, our wildlife, and our society.

Sara Fitzsimmons started working with the American chestnut as a Duke Stanback Intern in the summer of 2000.  Hired full-time at Penn State University in 2003, Sara has worked as a contact for chestnut growers and researchers throughout the Appalachians.  Born and raised in southern West Virginia, Sara obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Drew University in Madison, NJ.  She then received a Master’s degree in forest ecology and resource management from Duke University’s NSOE.  After a short stint as an editorial assistant for All About Beer Magazine, Sara returned to the forestry field, where she has been ever since. Contact Sara at sff3@psu.edu  PH: 814.863.7192