How to use the forum

Anyone can register to use the forum and start doing research or posting comments and questions within minutes.

Step #1 – Point your browser to and then click on the “Discussion Forum” link.



Step #2 – Click on the link to register as a user.



Step #3 – Scroll down to read the registration agreement and click to accept the terms of the agreement.


Step #4 – Select a username, enter your email, choose a password, and answer the anti-spam questions (simple questions designed to defeat spam-bots and make sure only real humans are registering to use the forum). Check the box if you want to allow other forum members to email you. Even if you check this option, your email address will not be publicly visible on the forum.



Step #5 – You will receive an activation email in the email inbox you entered in the step above.  Check your email, read over the information and and click the link to activate your membership.  You will be asked to reenter your password to proceed. Once you enter this, you will be brought to the main screen and you can start posting as a member



Step #6 – Make your first post an introductory post about yourself and your goals in the Meet and Greet section!



Step #7 – Once you click on the Meet and Greet Section, you will see a screen similar to the one shown below. Just click on New Topic to get started!



Step #8 – Take this opportunity to talk a little bit about yourself and what you hope to achieve by being a member of the forum. Don’t forget to include your location! Use the Attach: section to upload pictures you want to share! Note: You may be asked to repeat some verification questions for your first few posts. Similar to the registration process, this is just to try to keep spam-bots from clogging up the system with junk.



Step #9 – Click Post and your finished post should look something like the picture below. See someone else’s post and you want to reply? Just click reply and type away!



You’re Done – At this point you’re all set up and ready to go and keep posting!  Add information to your forum profile, add an event to the calendar, or share some information that you think someone else could benefit from.