Agroforestry Opportunities and Resources in the Northeast

Agroforestry Opportunities and Resources in the Northeast

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SlopedAlleyCroppingThe northeast/mid-atlantic region of the United States has a wealth of opportunities to diversify income streams while enhancing on-farm conservation through agroforestry strategies. These strategies incorporate tree and shrub species as part of the agricultural system. But what is agroforestry exactly and how can it be applied in the northeast? Join us for the first installment of the NEMA Agroforestry Webinar Series, with Kate MacFarland from the USDA National Agroforestry Center. Kate will provide an introductory look into agroforestry systems in the northeast and the natural resource concerns they can help address. The webinar will also examine agroforestry’s economic benefits and provide examples of producers using agroforestry practices in the region. Finally, Kate will share resources for learning more about agroforestry in the region, including through continuing training activities with the Northeast Advanced Agroforestry Training for Natural Resource and Agricultural Educators project, funded by Northeast SARE.

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