2016 NEMA Agroforestry Professional Development Training


 What is agroforestry?

SARE_Northeast_RGBAgroforestry describes a suite of practices that combine trees with annual or perennial crops and/or livestock in ways that provide economic and ecological benefits to farmers and other landowners across the landscape. These benefits may include improvements in topsoil, livestock, crops, and wildlife; increased productivity of agricultural and horticultural crops; reduced need for energy and chemical inputs; improved water and air quality; enhanced biodiversity and landscape diversity; and diversified local economies.

Training available – seats are limited:

With assistance from NE SARE, a partnership of national and regional agroforesters is hosting three-day advanced agroforestry training for technical service providers and agricultural educators. This training will provide a brief review of agroforestry, and opportunities for participants to explore agroforestry applications in depth with regional experts. In order to optimize networking opportunities, registration will be limited to 30 participants.

Early bird registration for this three-day training is $80 — registration will be $100 after August 15th. Register at Eventbrite link below.

Participants will:

  • Hear the multiple benefits windbreaks can provide to poultry operators through reducing energy and bedding costs, while reducing nutrient inputs to adjacent water bodies.
  • Learn how to diversify income streams by integrating conservation and agriculture in multifunctional buffers.
  • See how hedgerows can enhance water quality and provide pollination habitat at the same time.
  • Tour an agroforestry site developed in a public-private partnership and learn about the process, benefits and pitfalls from the farmers themselves.
  • Put learning into practice through a guided agroforestry planning exercise.
  • Learn about agroforestry planning tools, incentives and cost-share opportunities
  • See how landowners converted seven forested acres into a productive native plant nursery
  • Learn about market options and supply chains for agroforestry products
  • Hear about nut crops and the restoration of the American Chestnut
  • Learn how to plan for forest succession in a silvopasture
  • Become part of a growing network of agroforestry educators and practitioners
  • SAF and Ag-related CEUs pending

Click here for the draft 3 Day agenda!


Early bird registration for this three-day training is $80 — registration will be $100 after August 15th.

Register at this Eventbrite link

Scholarships: Scholarships for training registration fees are available on a limited application basis. Please download and fill out the form below to apply for the scholarship. Travel and lodging are, unfortunately, not able to be covered by our scholarships.

3 Day Training Scholarship Form


This training will take place at the Penn State Fruit Research Center (FREC) in beautiful Adams County, home to 20,000 acres of orchards and the Gettysburg battlefield:

Penn State Fruit Research Center (FREC)

290 University Dr.
Biglerville, PA 17307



Gettysburg Comfort Suites http://www.gettysburgcomfortsuites.com are holding a block of rooms for us under “Agroforestry Training” until August 7 ($98). (717-334-6715)

If your taste in accommodations trends toward the nostalgic, we have reserved a block of rooms under “Agroforestry Training” at The Blue Sky Motel: http://www.blueskymotel.com/ . This motel offers knotty pine paneling and good rates- $69/single and $79/double and is highly recommended.

Other information to help you enjoy your visit:

Other accommodations, restaurants and tourist amenities can be found at the Destination Gettysburg website:

http://www.gettysburgbattlefieldtours.com .


Email: NEMAagroforestry@gmail.com

Or call:

Tracey Coulter, PA DCNR Agroforestry Coordinator at 717-783-0381